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Quick Response Grants

Our Quick Response Grant scheme aims to fulfil community need by providing a quick turnaround for funding and provides an option for the community to access funding outside the Community Grant timeline. This scheme supports the delivery of outcomes that have positive impacts on the wider Wellington community. Eligible projects submitted under this program will be assessed within two weeks.

We understand that there are circumstances where the community may need some financial assistance to complete a project, run an event or undertake some maintenance on their facility. This grant is provided to supports minor initiatives that encourage partnerships, celebrate an occasion and assist with maintenance of community assets.

These grants are open all year round.

Individuals can apply for a Quick Response Grant up to $500 under the Individual Sponsorship category. Not for profit community groups operating in the Wellington Shire can apply for up to $2,000 from the three community funding categories (Events, Projects and Facilities). 


Guidelines and Assessment Criteria

The Guidelines will assist with eligibility and what is required to submit an application. Prior to completing the application form you should contact the Grants Officer 1300 366 244 to seek feedback on your proposal. This will ensure that you are applying in the correct funding category and your application meets the funding guidelines.

The Assessment Criteria form should be used as a reference by all applicants when they are completing their application form. The Assessment Criteria form is used to assess all Quick Response Grant applications.

2019/20 Quick Response Grants - Guidelines and Assessment Criteria Form  


Community Events

Applications will be considered for events that celebrate the community, or aspects of culture and identity. Applicants must aim to bring the community together to actively engage them in an event or activity.


Community Facilities

Applications will be considered for minor capital works projects and maintenance on community facilities. Playing surface improvements and lighting projects are also considered to be capital works items. Built in or fixed equipment may also be considered for funding. This does not include portable items.


Community Projects

Applications will be considered for projects that fulfil a demonstrated community need, or benefit to the community.


Application Form - Community Events, Facilities & Projects

2019/20 Quick Response Grants - Application Form (505KB)

Please note: all Quick Response Grant forms are fillable PDF forms, we recommend saving the form to your computer and using Adobe Reader to complete and save the form, by saving the form to your computer you will be able to complete the form at your own pace. Adobe Reader can be accessed easily via the link - if you have any queries please contact the Grants Officer.


Acquittal Form - Community Events, Facilities & Projects

2018/19 Quick Response Grants - Acquittal Form (292KB)


Individual Sponsorship

Provides assistance to allow individuals to participate in activities and events as representatives of the Wellington Community. Successful applications will be able to demonstrate a community benefit that will be achieved by sharing information and skills learnt through their experiences ($0-$500).

2019/20 Individual Sponsorship - Application Form (125KB)
2018/19 Individual Sponsorship - Acquittal Form (56KB)



Prior to completing an application or for more information please contact Council's Community Facilities Planning and Grants Officer on 1300 366 244.

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