Gallery Publications

The following publications can be purchased from the Gippsland Art Gallery. If you would like to purchase one of these publications please email or telephone +61 3 5142 3500.




gallery_publication_timelapse_front_cover_100p.jpg Timelapse

Through Time & Topography

Exhibition catalogue published May 2016

plus postage & handling
gallery_publication_hindsight_history_and_collections_1965_2015_100p.jpg Hindsight_Gippsland Art Gallery

History & Collections 1965-2015

Written and compiled by Simon Gregg for the 50th Anniversary of the Gippsland Art Gallery

Published September 2015

plus postage & handling


Owen Piggott
White Light

Exhibition catalogue published February 2015

plus postage & handling
gallery_publication_bill_henson_dark_desire_november_2014.jpg Bill Henson

Dark Desire

Exhibition catalogue published November 2014

plus postage & handling

Daniel Crawshaw
High Country Gothic

Exhibition catalogue published March 2014

plus postage & handling


Chris Langlois
Points in Time

Exhibition catalogue published January 2014

plus postage & handling
 gallery_publication_andrew_browne_horizon_may_2012.jpg Andrew Browne


Exhibition catalogue published May 2012

plus postage & handling
New Romantics

Darkness and Light in Australian Art

by Simon Gregg

Published November 2011

plus postage & handling


gallery_publication_nicholas_chevalier_australian_odyssey_september_2011.jpg Nicholas Chevalier

Australian Odyssey

Exhibition catalogue published September 2011

plus postage & handling
William Delafield Cook

A Survey

Exhibition catalogue published July 2011

plus postage & handling
gallery_publication_dreamweavers_may_2011.jpg Dreamweavers

Aly Aitken, Eloise Calandre, James Gleeson, Adam Laerkesen, Sam Spenser, Joel Zika

Exhibition catalogue published May 2011

plus postage & handling
gallery_publication_disappearers_november_2009.jpg Disappearers

Alistair Dickinson, Simryn Gill, Annie Hogan, Mark Kimber, Richard Lipp, Kenneth Pleban, Izabela Pluta, Juha Tolonen

Exhibition catalogue published November 2009

plus postage & handling
gallery_publication_tony_lloyd_lost_highways_september_2009.jpg Tony Lloyd

Lost Highways

Exhibition catalogue published September 2009

plus postage & handling

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