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Gallery Exhibition (Maffra) - Jeremy Kasper - Inertia

Saturday 25 March

until Monday 3 April 2017. Inertia is an exploration of landscape in motion. Using abstract photography as a point of departure, Kasper uses painting to evoke a sense of atmosphere, mood and emotion.

Gallery Exhibition (Sale) - Sue Fraser - Storylines

Saturday 25 March

until Sunday 23 April 2017. Exploring the rich mythology of the everyday, the art of Sue Fraser is patently about people.

Gallery Exhibition (Sale) - Owen Rye - Jars

Saturday 25 March

until Sunday 23 April 2017. South Gippsland artist Owen Rye is a maker of ceramic jars. Rye’s wood fired ceramic jars and pots express the distinct characteristics of the medium.

Gallery Exhibition (Sale) - Close Encounters...with the Collection

Saturday 25 March

until Sunday 21 May 2017. Close Encounters invites visitors to explore a range of recent Gallery acquisitions to discover their individual stories and their meanings within the wider collection.