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Events in Wellington

A variety of events are held in Wellington Shire throughout the year. Events are valued as they add to the quality of lifestyle in the region, support tourism growth and provide economic benefit to businesses and community groups.

If you are planning on hosting an event in the Wellington Shire, it is your responsibility to ensure that the event complies with all current rules and regulations, not only those required by us but other agencies, ie emergency services such as Police, Ambulance, CFA and SES. Our Event Guide (1MB) is an informative document that contains detailed information on how to host an event.

For Wellington Shire Council purposes, an event is defined as a public and/or social gathering of people for a community or commercial function or activity.


Notification of Events within Council

We have an Events Coordination Team who will coordinate councils requirements for running your event.

To notify us of an event that has Wellington Shire Council requirements, please provide details of your event through the use of the Notification of an Event (128KB) form. This form should be submitted at least one month prior to the event date. For major events, it is recommended that forms be submitted at least three months prior to the event.

This form will enable the Events Coordination Team to act as a liaison point between event organisers and relevant departments of council that are involved in events. You may be contacted by the Events Coordination Team or other council departments seeking further information or clarification around the information you have provided.


Do you need to notify Council about an event?

Generally yes, if the event is on council managed (public) land or facilities, or is an event that impacts on normal public activities through council road closures, selling food, erecting structures or signs or similar activity. If in doubt, ask.

Some private functions or events on private land may not meet the current planning requirements for that land and would therefore require a planning permit or an occupancy permit for a place of public entertainment. We can clarify these requirements for you.

We don't require notification for all events, but if in doubt, contact the Events Coordination Team on 1300 366 244 or by email:


Events Calendar

Include your event on our online Event Calendar to promote your event. This Event Calendar is referred to by a number of agencies, and helps highlight the great variety of events you can attend across the region.


Event Equipment Loans

Council has a range of equipment available for Community Groups (not for profit organisations) to loan free of charge. The equipment includes a marquee, tear drop banners, corflute signs, tables, chairs and safety cones.  

Applications for equipment must be received 6 weeks prior to your event.

To view a list of equipment available and/or to make a booking please complete our Equipment Booking Form (44KB).


Food at your Event

If selling food, the Event Notification Form requires you to list all food traders at your event and the type of food they are selling. All food traders must be registered at

For information on serving food at your event, please see the Temporary Food Premises page.


Notifying Neighbours

Event organisers should also liaise with residents and businesses in the vicinity of the event and/or those likely to be affected by the event as soon as practicable but at least 7 days prior to the event. If a planning permit is required, this will need to be done much earlier.


Events Funding

Our funding for events can be categorised into grants available for not for profit community groups and contributions available to event organisers holding major events that highlight Wellington Shire as a region.

  • Community Grant Applications: Grant funding of up to $5, 000 for not for profit community groups open twice a year. Please view the Community Assistance Grants page for further details.
  • Quick Response Grant Applications: Individuals can apply for a Quick Response Grant up to $500 under the Individual Sponsorship category. Not for profit community groups operating in the Wellington Shire can apply for up to $2,000 from the three minor community funding categories (Events, Projects and Facilities). Please view the Quick Response Grants page for further details.
  • Contributions to Attract Major and Significant Events: We have additional funding available to contribute to attract major or significant events to the area that highlight Wellington Shire as a region, provide high level of economic benefit and that can attract visitors to the region. The Visitor Economy and Events Coordinator can be contacted on 1300 366 244 regarding these opportunities.

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