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Australia Day Awards

Australia Day Awards recognise and honour the outstanding achievement by individuals and groups in our community. Awards that are available in our municipality include:

  • Citizen of the Year
  • Young Citizen of the Year
  • Community Event of the Year
  • Community Group of the Year

You can nominate any person, group or event that has made a significant contribution to the community. For the Citizen of the Year and Young Citizen of the Year the efforts of the person being nominated will usually include community involvement over a number of years. The strongest nominations are usually those where efforts have had a positive impact on the broader community. 

Nominations will only be accepted via the official forms. No other formats will be accepted. 

Your application should detail how the person or group's work has been of benefit to others. For individuals please provide as much detail as possible in relation to their contribution including positions held, community groups they have been a member of, and their involvement in any relevant project(s).

For groups and events please provide information about how the group/event has been of benefit to the broader community.

Nominations are now CLOSED.



Wellington Shire Council Australia Day Award Winners


Citizen of the Year 

Young Citizen of the Year 

Community Group of the Year 

Community Event of the Year 


Louise Dugan 

Fiona Clyne and Crystal Davies 






 Heather Stewart

Steven Richards 

Maffra Rotary Club 

Stratford Shakespeare


Ben Davies 

 Michael Bruns and Anna Melville

Central Gippsland Branch of the RSPCA 

 Stratford Victoria Sister Cities


Ronald Hewitt 

 Laura Moore


Maureen Beha 

 Victoria Triantafyllou

 Kingsway Community Care

Wellington 'Relay for Life' Event 


Gillian Mayhew 

 Narelle Hahn

Sale Baptist Church Youth Group 

 Gippsland Vehicle Collection Grand Opening


Ian Kennedy 

Amanda Read 

Sale Cancer Council Unit 

Werna Lidi Festival 


Stan Alcock and Dr. Ali Khan 

 Anita Heath

 Woodside and District Football Netball Club

 Wellington 'Relay for Life' Event


Pat Cameron 

 Melissa Taylor

Helga's Project for Kids and Wurruk Harmony Group 

 Lions International District 2013 Convention - Hosted by Stratford Lions Club


Jessie Walker 

 Thomas Haymes

Yarram Secondary College for 'Emergency Expo' 

St. Thomas Primary School 


Peter Vranek 

 Nellie Hunt

International Winter Festival 


Jim Feltis 


 Heyfield Community Resource Centre

Dancing with our Stars 


Peter Donovan 

 John Molden

The Five Star Project 

Gippsland Branch of the Mountain Cattleman's Association of Victoria 


David Harrington 

 Benji Scarfo

Rosedale Chamber of Commerce 

Gippsland Vehicle Collection's Tenth Birthday Celebrations 


Andrew Bedggood 

Sarah Jeffery 

Lake Glenmaggie Community Representative Group Inc.

Stratford: Saluting Our Heritage - Stratford Cemetery Trust


Mark Thorpe

Wyatt Kilgower

Sale Central Rotary Club

Seaspray Centenary Celebrations


Steve Pendrick

Thomas Crosbie

Sale to Sea Inc.

Heyfield Food and Wine Festival


Laurie Smyth

Tilly Korbman

Stratford Victoria Sister Cities Committee

Yarram Centenary of Flight Airshow

*In 2004, two specialised awards were awarded: Specialised Event of the Year - Heyfield and District Vintage Machinery Group, the 9th National Historical Machinery Association Rally - Heyfield and the Wellington Special Award for Exceptional Service to the Heyfield Community - Vern Scott.


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