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Property Zoning and Overlays

Zoning and Overlays

What is a zone?

All land in Victoria has a zone.  Zones specify particular purposes for land, such as Commercial (business), Industrial or Residential.  Zones indicate which uses can be undertaken on land (with or without a planning permit), as well as setting out uses that are prohibited in the zone. They also specify controls relating to buildings and subdivision.


What is an Overlay?

In addition to the requirements of the zone, further planning provisions may apply to a site or area through the application of an overlay. Generally, overlays apply to a single control or related set of controls (such as heritage, environmental concern or flooding). Multiple overlays can apply to a single block of land. Where one or more overlays apply to land, a planning permit will often be required.


How to Find the Zoning and any Overlays on a Property

Visit Land Victoria Property Reports. After reading the disclaimer, if you Agree, click ‘I Agree’ and you will be taken to the screen below which allows you to search for property zoning and overlay information. You can search for a property by Address (default), Crown Description, Lot on Plan or by using the Land Victoria mapping if you fail to locate the property using other methods.




Confirm the property address and click ‘Next’.



The third option on the following page is ‘Planning Property Report’. You can view the zoning, overlays and any other nearby overlays by clicking ‘View’ on the right of ‘Planning Property Report’ or download a PDF of the ‘Planning Property Report’.



As an example of what you should see next here is the Planning Property Report (416KB) for the Port of Sale Civic Centre at 70 Foster Street, Sale.


Find out Further Information about the Requirements of Zones and Overlays

The zones and overlays listed on your ‘Planning Property Report’ link directly to the zones and overlays as they appear in the Wellington Planning Scheme at the time that the report is generated.

You can also see a full copy of the Wellington Planning Scheme (maps and text) through DELWP's Planning Schemes Online website.


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