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Planning Scheme Incorporated Documents

An incorporated document is part of the Planning Scheme.

Incorporated documents are essential to the proper functioning of the planning scheme and decision-making process. Documents incorporated into all planning schemes are shown in the Table to Clause 81.01, and include for example the Victorian Code for Cattle Feedlots, August 1995 and A Code of Practice for Telecommunications Facilities in Victoria.

At the local level, planning authorities can, if they so wish, incorporate their own documents. Documents may be incorporated into the planning scheme when they include detailed plans or lengthy guidelines. Development guidelines, incorporated plans, or restructure plans are common types of local incorporated documents. Incorporated documents specific to the Wellington Planning Scheme can be found in the Schedule to Clause 81.01.

One of the benefits of incorporating a document is that it carries the same statutory weight as other parts of the planning scheme. A Responsible Authority can only change an incorporated document via a Planning Scheme Amendment.


List of Incorporated Documents in the Wellington Planning Scheme

Wellington Shire Heritage Controls comprising:


Further information about Incorporated Documents can be found in the Planning Practice Note (275KB).


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