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Planning Scheme Amendments

Occasionally the Wellington Planning Scheme may need to be changed to reflect new circumstances or achieve new objectives in land management. Changes to the scheme are known as amendments and the process for an amendment is set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987. An amendment may involve a change to a planning scheme map (such as a rezoning), a change to the written part of the scheme, or both.


Why a Planning Scheme Amendment May be Required

There are many reasons why a planning scheme may need to be amended. Some of the more common reasons are:

  • To enhance or implement the strategic vision of a scheme
  • To implement new state, regional or local policy
  • To update the scheme
  • To correct mistakes
  • To allow some use or development currently prohibited to take place
  • To restrict use or development in a sensitive location
  • To set aside land for acquisition for a public purpose, or to remove such a reservation when it is no longer needed in the scheme
  • To authorise the removal or variation of a restriction on title (e.g. a restrictive covenant)
  • To incorporate changes made to the Victorian Planning Provisions.

Note: A planning scheme amendment can be initiated by a municipal council or a council can respond to a request for an amendment. Any person or body can make a request for a planning scheme amendment.

For details on how the Planning Scheme Amendment Process works, please see our Planning Scheme Amendment Process page.


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