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Planning Scheme Amendments

Occasionally, changes to the Wellington Planning Scheme may be required. This is achieved via a 'Planning Scheme Amendment'. Common reasons for an Amendment can be:

  • To enhance or implement the strategic vision of a planning scheme.
  • To implement new state, regional or local policy.
  • To update the planning scheme.
  • To correct grammatical mistakes.
  • To allow a use or development currently prohibited to take place (Rezoning).
  • To restrict use or development in a sensitive location.
  • To set aside land for acquisition for a public purpose, or to remove such a reservation when it is no longer needed in the scheme.
  • To incorporate changes made to the Victorian Planning Provisions.

Amendments are typically used to introduce or update policy, change the zoning of land, or change overlays in the Wellington Planning Scheme.


Who can request an Amendment?

Any member of the public can request an amendment to the planning scheme, however, all requests require strategic land use planning justification to demonstrate why the planning scheme should be amended in the manner requested. The merits of the proposal will then need to be considered by Council before a decision can be made on whether the amendment should proceed (or not). When undertaking an amendment, associated fees are required at different stages of the process. Visit our Planning Fees page for further information.

The Planning Scheme Amendment process is complex and will often take at least 18-24 months to be completed due to required statutory processes.

If you are intending to request an amendment to the planning scheme it is strongly recommended that you contact Wellington Shire Council’s Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244 to discuss your proposal at an early stage. Alternatively, for a fee, you can obtain formal written advice from Council using the Planning Advice Request Form.


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