West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy

Council has now commenced a study known as the ‘West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy’, which aims to strategically justify, rezone and facilitate the development of appropriate new industrial land in the short to medium term (5-10 years) within West Sale and/or Wurruk.

The key objectives of the Strategy include:

  • Establishing and assessing the existing available industrial land supply and future industrial land requirements in the short-medium term;
  • Provide for a supply of lot sizes that can accommodate a variety of different industrial uses;
  • Developing design guidelines to manage the visual, physical and environmental impacts of future development on the locality; and
  • Identifying the key infrastructure requirements (including associated financial costs) that are necessary to ‘unlock’ the potential for the development of the identified additional land in the short-medium term that will assist in delivering the land to the market.

Urban Enterprise planning consultants have been appointed to undertake the study and to provide appropriate recommendations to Council.


Candidate Areas

The three Candidate Areas identified within the Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan (2010) for potential future industrial growth are:

  1. Candidate Area 1: located to the immediate west of the existing industrial zoned land in Wurruk;
  2. Candidate Area 2: located to the east of the West Sale Aerodrome and north of the Princes Highway; and
  3. Candidate Area 3: located to the south of the Princes Highway and east of the Fulham Correctional Centre.

The location of each Candidate Area is illustrated in Figure 1 (below).



Figure 1.


Current Status 

Having completed the ‘Analysis, Issues and Options Paper (October 2017)’, Urban Enterprise has now prepared a Draft Strategy. The Draft Strategy promotes Candidate Area 1 (West Wurruk) and Candidate Area 2 (adjacent to the West Sale Airport) as the least constrained and therefore more preferred sites for potential future industrial use. Candidate Area 3 is proposed to be retained as a potential long-term industrial opportunity subject to demand and addressing some of the potential constraints to development within that area.

The Draft Strategy recommends a range of actions relating to:

  • Changes to the Wellington Planning Scheme
  • Infrastructure co-ordination, funding and delivery;
  • Management of cultural heritage and environmental sensitivity
  • Urban design considerations; and
  • Partnerships to facilitate an economic precinct at the West Sale Airport.

The proposed actions have been developed to ensure that new industrial land can be delivered in an efficient manner to support business and employment growth in Wellington Shire while closely managing any potential environmental and community impacts.


Public Exhibition

The full Draft Strategy is on formal public exhibition from Monday 11 December 2017 to Friday 26 January 2018 and can be viewed in hard copy at the Sale Service Centre located at 18 Desailly Street, Sale. Alternatively, the Draft Strategy can also be viewed electronically (see documents below).

Comments and feedback can be lodged through either a written submission or via the electronic form below and must be received by close of business on Friday 26 January 2018. Late submissions may not be accepted.

Please ensure that your submission clearly identifies the project name (West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy) and contains your contact details – including postal address (Name and contact details of submitters are required for Council to consider the submissions and to notify people of the next steps in the process).


Your submission should be sent to:
Strategic Planning Team
Wellington Shire Council
PO Box 506


Please note that all feedback received will be used for the sole purpose of the West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy. Your personal details (name, address, contact information) will be protected in accordance with the Privacy and Data Protection Act 2014. Where practicable, all personal information will be redacted prior to documents being made available to third parties.


    Submission to the West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy

    Council is collecting the information on this form so that it may consider your submission in accordance with legislative powers and functions and it will only be disclosed in accordance with these powers and functions. Please note a submission may be made available for public inspection at the Council office.

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    Next Steps

    Following the close of the exhibition period, all submissions received will be considered by Council prior to the formal adoption of the Draft Strategy, which is anticipated to be in April 2018.


    Further Information

    If you have any queries or would like to be placed on the correspondence list, please contact Barry Hearsey or the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244 or email barry.hearsey@wellington.vic.gov.au.


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