West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy

Council has completed the ‘West Sale and Wurruk Industrial Land Supply Strategy’, which aims to strategically justify, rezone and facilitate the development of appropriate new industrial land in the short to medium term (5-10 years) within West Sale and/or Wurruk.

The key objectives of the Strategy include:

  • Establishing and assessing the existing available industrial land supply and future industrial land requirements in the short-medium term;
  • Providing for a supply of lot sizes that can accommodate a variety of different industrial uses;
  • Developing design guidelines to manage the visual, physical and environmental impacts of future development on the locality; and
  • Identifying the key infrastructure requirements (including associated financial costs) that are necessary to ‘unlock’ the potential for the development of the identified additional land in the short-medium term that will assist in delivering the land to the market.

Urban Enterprise planning consultants have been appointed to undertake the study and to provide appropriate recommendations to Council.

Candidate Areas

The three Candidate Areas identified within the Sale, Wurruk and Longford Structure Plan (2010) for potential future industrial growth are:

  1. Candidate Area 1: located to the immediate west of the existing industrial zoned land in Wurruk;
  2. Candidate Area 2: located to the east of the West Sale Aerodrome and north of the Princes Highway; and
  3. Candidate Area 3: located to the south of the Princes Highway and east of the Fulham Correctional Centre.

The location of each Candidate Area is illustrated in Figure 1 (below).



Figure 1.


Current Status 

Having considered all the submissions received during a period of public exhibition, the Strategy was formally adopted by Council at its ordinary meeting of 19 June 2018.

The Strategy recommends a range of actions relating to:

  • Changes to the Wellington Planning Scheme
  • Infrastructure co-ordination, funding and delivery;
  • Management of cultural heritage and environmental sensitivity
  • Urban design considerations; and
  • Partnerships to facilitate an economic precinct at the West Sale Airport.

The proposed actions have been developed to ensure that new industrial land can be delivered in an efficient manner to support business and employment growth in Wellington Shire while closely managing any potential environmental and community impacts.

Candidate Area 2 is recommended as the primary opportunity to provide industrial land.  Rezoning of industrial land in this location has the potential to form part of a broader economic precinct which incorporates the West Sale Aerodrome and is supported by major road, rail and air distribution infrastructure.

The Strategy also recommends that a secondary candidate area be considered for rezoning.

Candidate Area 1 is considered to be the best additional opportunity for short term development given the (relatively) low infrastructure costs and proximity to an existing industrial area, but only if road access can be secured to the land and a Cultural Heritage Management Plan is prepared.  Further detailed investigations to rezone this land will continue. 

Next Steps

Work is now in progress to prepare the relevant supporting documents to facilitate a Planning Scheme Amendment to rezone Candidate Area 2 to the Industrial 1 Zone (IN1Z). 

Further Information

If you have any queries or would like to be placed on the correspondence list, please contact Barry Hearsey or the Strategic Planning Team on 1300 366 244 or email barry.hearsey@wellington.vic.gov.au.


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