Longford Precinct 11 Plan

Status Update

The final Longford Precinct Plan has now been endorsed, and can be viewed on the link below.



In 2015 Council adopted the Longford Development Plan, which was formally introduced into the Wellington Planning Scheme in 2016 through Planning Scheme Amendment C87.

The Longford Development Plan is a tool, which guides the intended development outcomes and delivery of associated infrastructure for land within Longford, in an integrated and co-ordinated manner.

Longford is highly valued for its rural residential character, which is also reflected in the Development Plan.

The Development Plan splits the Longford Growth Area into eleven precincts. Each precinct can be developed independently but first the land is required to be rezoned and a Precinct Plan prepared and approved by Council, prior to development taking place.


Precinct 11

Precinct 11 (Figure 1) was rezoned from the Farming Zone to the Rural Living Zone in 2017 via Planning Scheme Amendment C90. Council is now in receipt of an application for approval of a Precinct Plan for the land. The purpose of the Plan is to demonstrate how the whole precinct can be development in an integrated and coordinated manner and provide certainty to council about how this will take place. The Precinct Plan provides detailed information relating to the the proposed subdivision pattern, movement networks, vegetation removal as well as drainage, servicing and infrastructure delivery. The Precinct Plan must address the requirements of the Longford Development Plan.


Figure 1 above.


Inspecting a copy of the Precinct Plan

A copy of the Precinct Plan can be downloaded on the link below. A hard copy of the Plan is also available for inspection at the Council’s Customer Service Centre,18 Desailly Street, Sale.


Further Information

For further information, please contact Ben Proctor (Strategic Planner) on 1300 366 244.


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