Heyfield Land Supply Study

Status Update

During the Council Meeting of 18 April 2017, the Heyfield Low Density Residential Study was adopted. Council also resolved to request the Minister for Planning to authorise Amendment C96. Amendment C96 is proposing to rezone the land on the corner of Heyfield -Seaton Road and Draper Road; and the land at the end of Burrnett court to the Low Density Residential Zone as recommended in the Study.

Once authorisation is received, Council will commence the public exhibition of Amendment C96. Landowners who are likely to be affected by the Amendment will be notified of the public exhibition period directly by letter.

Heyfield Low Density Residential Land Supply Study

The Heyfield Low Density Residential Land Supply Study (“Heyfield Study”) provides independent recommendations to Council in relation to the availability of suitable, viable locations in proximity to Heyfield to provide for low density residential land (1 acre lots), which are developable within the short term (0-5 years).

Council appointed consultants Urban Enterprise to undertake the Study, which includes viability assessments for potential candidate locations in proximity to Heyfield and provide recommendations to Council.

Further Information

For further information, please contact Sabine Provily (Strategic Planner) on 1300 366 244 or sabine.provily@wellington.vic.gov.au.  

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