Planning Projects

Wellington's Land Use Planning Policies regulate the use of land in an efficient, effective and ethical way, and ensure that policy reflects the values of the community and promotes sustainable development. These policies are a way for Council's to achieve a desirable planning outcome.

Council's Land Use Planning Policies are prepared and reviewed by the Strategic Planning Team.


What is Strategic Planning?

The Strategic Planning Team, part of Council’s Planning Department, is responsible for:

  • Planning for the future needs of towns.
  • Protecting and maintaining existing environmental, heritage and cultural values.
  • Developing, reviewing, coordinating and implementing strategies, policies, frameworks and structure plans.
  • Applying appropriate Zones and Overlays to land to facilitate appropriate land use and development.
  • Considering and undertaking planning scheme amendment requests.
  • Providing development advice and monitoring ongoing trends in relation to land use planning.

The Strategic Planning Team work on a range of Planning Projects seeking to ensure that current Planning Policies, Structure Plans, Strategies, Master Plans, Urban Growth Plans, Frameworks and Design Guidelines are up to date and reflect the future vision for Wellington.

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