Rosedale Broiler Farm

Rosedale Broiler Farm

Wellington Shire Council has received a planning application (P298/2016) for use and development of the land for an intensive animal husbandry (Broiler Farm Class B) farm in Rosedale.

The proposal is for a 400,000 bird, eight shed broiler farm situated approximately four kilometres east of the township of Rosedale on the Rosedale-Longford Road. The property is formally identified as:

  • Lot 1 PS207332;
  • Lot 2 PS207322; and
  • CA 63A

The related information for the proposal is attached in the links below. This also includes a Frequently Asked Questions information sheet.

The subject land is zoned Farming Zone, and pursuant to clause 52.31-2 of the Wellington Planning Scheme, a permit is required to use or develop the land for a broiler farm. Council will assess the permit application against the state government requirements. A broiler farm application must comply with the Victorian Code for Broiler Farms 2009 and must also be referred to the Environment Protection Authority as part of the assessment process.

The planning permit application is now on public notice and any person who may be affected by the granting of the permit may make a submission to Council.

Submissions should be made in writing and must be received by 16 January 2017.

For further information, please contact Michelle Nichols on 5142 3134 or

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