Planning Permit Submissions

Lodging a Submission to an Application

Anyone who believes they may be detrimentally affected by a planning permit application is entitled to lodge a submission to the proposal.  Submissions should be lodged within fourteen days from the start of the advertising period, however, late submissions can be lodged at any time prior to the decision being made. Submissions must be in writing, legible, include your name and address and must also state how you think the proposal will affect you.

Submissions can be lodged by post, fax, email or in person:


Land Use Planning Department
Wellington Shire Council
PO Box 506,  SALE  VIC  3850

Fax: 03 5142 3501


Guidelines for Submissions

You may still provide a submission to an application, even if you are not formally notified, as long as you have valid grounds. All submissions received are made available for public inspection during the entire application process.

If you lodge an submission, you will be notified of the decision we make on the application.

A submission must:

  • State the reason for your objection/support.
  • State how you would be affected if a permit is granted if lodging an objection.

Council may reject an objection that it considers has been made primarily to secure or maintain a direct or indirect commercial advantage for the objector. In this case, the objection will not be considered.

Please note submissions are not confidential. As required by Section 57 of the Planning and Environment Act, Council must make a copy of every submission available to any person to inspect, free of charge, during business hours.


Guide for Objectors

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+ 2. Can I object to an application?


+ 3. What kind of things can I object to?

+ 4. How much time do I have to lodge my objection?

+ 5. Can I remain anonymous?

+ 6. Does the applicant know who has objected?

+ 7. There are a large number of objections; does this mean Council should not even consider the application?

+ 8. What happens after I have objected?

+ 9. What is a consultation meeting?

+ 10. Who makes the final permit decision?

+ 11. What happens after a decision has been made?

+ 12. Can I challenge Council's decision?

+ 13. How do I lodge an Application for Review?

+ 14. What costs are associated with lodging an Application for Review?


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