Planning Applications on Notice

Planning Applications on Public Notice (Advertising)

Under Section 52 of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, planning applications are advertised where a proposal may cause material detriment.  Advertising a planning permit application is also referred to as “giving notice”.   This provides the opportunity for the community to be aware of and participate in the planning process.

Planning applications which are currently on public notice are available via the links below.

Conditions (please read before proceeding)

This information is provided for the purpose of the planning process as set out in the Planning and Environment Act 1987.  The information must not be used for any other purpose.  By clicking on the link below, you acknowledge and agree that you will only use the documents for the purpose specified above and that any dissemination or distribution of this information is strictly prohibited. These documents may not be used for any purposes which may breach any Copyright or Privacy Laws.

It is also noted that plans available for inspection via this website do not constitute all planning application details (eg. application form, supporting reports).  Should you wish to review all documentation, copies can be inspected at the Sale Service Centre.


 Planning Application

Date Received



P357/2011.3 (2MB)  19/12/2018 Amendment to permit for revised location of building envelope 110 Pearson Street SALE
 P270/2014.2 (1MB) 02/11/2018  Buildings and works associated with the construction of a shed (to be used as a place of assembly), the removal of native vegetation and the creation of access 29 Charlies Street, LOCH SPORT 
 P125/2018 (5MB) 09/05/2018 Use and development of the land for a residential hotel, removal of native vegetation and alteration to an access to a road zone  3215 Longford-Loch Sport Road SEACOMBE
 P136/2018 (6MB) 30/04/2018 Buildings and works associated with the construction of a dwelling 21 Marina Drive LOCH SPORT
 P188/2018 (6MB) 05/06/2018  Use and development for keeping of racing dogs (up to 120) and boundary realignment  29 & 63 Freshwaters Road, KILMANY 
 P203/2018 15/06/2018  Change of use from motel to residential building  2232 Princes Highway, ROSEDALE 
 P285/2018 (5MB) 13/08/2018 Buildings and works with construction of a showroom/dwelling 41 Wharf Street PORT ALBERT
 P301/2018 (544KB) 24/08/2018  Subdivision of the land into 4 lots  1C Sale Road and 1-9 Station Street, MAFFRA 
 P306/2018 (6MB) 29/08/2018  Buildings and works associated with construction of 6 dwellings on the lot, and a shop with reduction in car parking 33 Wharf Street, PORT ALBERT 
 P357/2018 (71KB) 04/10/2018  Buildings and works associated with extensions to existing dwelling  33 Sanctuary Road, LOCH SPORT 
 P390/2018 (6MB) 05/11/2018  Use and development of land for a Place of Assembly including Place of Worship and reduction in car parking  199 Raymond Street, SALE  
 P393/2018 (2MB) 05/11/2018 Extensions to a second dwelling and subdivision of the land into two lots  89-91 Market Street SALE
 P415/2018 (2MB) 19/11/2018 Amend liquor licence to increase hours of operation Cunninghame Street SALE
 P421/2018 (2MB) 28/11/2018 Buildings and works associated with construction of an office 39 Lyons Street ROSEDALE
 P425/2018 (16MB) 04/12/2018  Buildings and works associated with reconstruction of an office and access to a road zone  117-121 Foster Street, SALE  
 P427/2018 (301KB) 04/12/2018  2 lot subdivision to excise an existing dwelling  263 Boundary Creek Road, LONGFORD  
 P429/2018 (932KB) 05/12/2018 Removal of section 173 agreement that restricts further subdivision to allow a two lot subdivision to excise an existing dwelling used in conjunction with a winery 446 Stratford-Maffra Road MAFFRA
P430/2018 (3MB) 06/12/2018 Buildings and works for the construction of an outbuilding 59 Fairway Avenue GOLDEN BEACH
 P431/2018 (6MB) 07/12/2018 Buildings and works associated with construction of a dwelling 12 Panorama Drive WOODSIDE BEACH
 P441/2018 (364KB) 21/12/2018 Two lot subdivision 65-67 Palmerston Street SALE
P8/2019 (532KB) 24/01/2019 Two lot subdivision to excise a dwelling Stingy Bark Lane WOODSIDE
 P9/2019 (2MB)     24/01/2019 Use of the land for an annual event 5 Licola-Jamieson Road, LICOLA 
P15/2019 (6MB) 31/01/2019 Buildings and works associated with construction of a single dwelling 15 Panorama Drive WOODSIDE BEACH
P19/2019 (4MB) 01/02/2019 Use the land for Trade Supplies 332-336 Raglan Street SALE
P21/2019 (5MB)  01/02/2019  Use and development of a dwelling  58 Fairview Avenue, YARRAM 


If you wish to lodge a submission, you must do so in writing, stating the reasons for your submission and how you will be affected.  Your submission must also include your name and address, telephone number, the planning permit application number and the address of the site of the proposal.

To ensure your submission is considered as part of the process, send it to Council Officers prior to the end of the notification period.  Council will however, accept and consider any submission received up until a decision is made.  Please note that in accordance with the requirements of the Planning and Environment Act 1987, your lodged submission will be made available to any persons for the purpose of enabling consideration and review as part of the planning permit process.

If you lodge a submission, the Planner will keep you informed of the application’s progress and provide you with notice of the final decision.  Submissions may be sent to the Sale Service Centre.

If you require further information, or would like to discuss your concerns, please contact our Planners during office hours at the Sale Service Centre.

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