Extending a Planning Permit

When an existing planning permit is still valid, it is possible to request an extension of time from Council to commence or complete a previously approved development. 

Note that the following matters will be considered by Council in making a decision as to whether an extension of time should be granted.

  • Whether there has been a change of planning policy.
  • Whether the land owner is seeking to warehouse the permit.
  • Any intervening circumstances which bear upon grant or refusal of the extension request.
  • The lapse of time between the permit and the request.
  • Whether the time limit imposed was adequate.
  • The economic burden imposed on the land owner by the permit.
  • The probability of a permit issuing should a fresh application be made.

The Application Form and associated fees can be found here

Further queries about extending a planning permit should be directed to Council’s Planning Facilitator on 1300 366 244.

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