Energy Efficiency and Sustainability for Housing

Wellington Shire Council is committed to recognising and advocating for best practice residential development which considers energy efficient and sustainable housing design.

Council encourages everyone to incorporate Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and energy efficiency principles into the design of their new dwellings or additions.

Incorporating these principles at the pre-development stage has a range of different benefits including a reduction in operating costs, a potentially more desirable dwelling which may fetch a higher sale price, and a more comfortable living environment for occupants.

Including Environmentally Sustainable Design (ESD) and energy efficiency measures in your initial design is a lot easier than trying to retrofit these measures later on.

Dealing with the ‘big picture’ issues during the initial stages of design assists with optimising ESD and energy efficiency outcomes at the development stage. Some of these ‘big picture’ issues include the orientation of the dwelling or renovation, the internal layout, the positioning of windows to capture the northern sun, and incorporating water reuse into housing design.

For additional information regarding ESD and energy efficiency, including benefits of incorporating these into your new dwelling design or renovation, please view the ESD Definitions and Benefits Information Sheet (184KB). A short video is available on YouTube explaining Energy Efficiency at Home. For some basic tips on designing an Environmentally Sustainable and energy efficient dwelling or renovation, please view our ESD General Tips Information Sheet (345KB).


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The information contained on this webpage (and associated information sheets, websites and links) is provided for information and guidance purposes only, and to encourage applicants to consider and discuss ESD and Energy Efficiency in their applications for residential development.

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