Bushfire Management Overlay

The State Government has previously made changes to the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) in the Wellington Shire (and elsewhere across Victoria) to ensure that bushfire risk is appropriately considered in the planning permit process.

The BMO triggers the need for a planning permit for certain developments and requires new developments to include appropriate bushfire protection measures.

Does the Bushfire Management Overlay apply to my property?

 To see if the Bushfire Management Overlay (BMO) applies to your property you can:

If you are affected, the generated report will inform you if land is affected by BMO, BMO Schedule 1, BMO Schedule 2 or BMO Schedule 3 which will determine the relevant planning permit application process as outlined below.

Applying for a permit in the Bushfire Management Overlay

 Preset requirements - BMO Schedules

For some areas in Wellington Shire, BMO ‘Schedules’ (BMO1, BMO2 and BMO3) have been developed to provide ‘fast-track’ planning permit requirements for dwellings. These areas are generally already subdivided and have a homogenous risk, which is well understood and can be addressed through ‘pre-set’ planning permit requirements (such as water supply, construction standards, access requirements).

The table below lists the towns where fast-track Schedule requirements apply for dwellings. If a Schedule applies to your property, visit the DELWP page - Single Dwellings in the BMO - and follow the guidance for ‘Single Dwellings in a BMO Schedule – Fast Track Pathway

The fast-track pathway will require you to download and complete a template Bushfire Management Plan. An example of how to complete a Bushfire Management Plan is provided here.

The Bushfire Management Plan is mostly prefilled and only requires you to select the relevant canopy separation, Bushfire Attack Level (BAL), water supply and access specifications which are specified in the applicable schedule to the BMO.  Once completed, submit the BMP to Council along with your planning permit application to demonstrate that the requirements of the Schedule have been met.





Summary of requirements for BMP


BMO1 (29KB)

Maps 32-34 (2MB)

See schedule (29KB)


The Honeysuckles

Golden Beach

Paradise Beach

Loch Sport

BMO2 (25KB) 


Map 208 (145KB)

Map 185

Maps 167 - 170

Maps 171 - 173

Maps 110-113


BAL* - 29

Canopy Separation - 2 metres

Water Supply (569KB)

Access - select relevant option from template based on driveway length



Port Albert


BMO3 (25KB)


Maps 28 & 29 (235KB)

Map 35

Map 209


BAL* - 12.5

Canopy Separation - 2 metres

Water Supply

Access - select relevant option from template based on driveway length 

*BAL = Bushfire Attack Level

Standard BMO requirements - no Schedule applies 

If your property is not covered by a Schedule, different requirements apply. Please follow the links below to view information about the permit process and requirements for various types of development.

 Single Dwellings outside Scheduled areas. Follow guidance for:

  • Pathway 1 if located in an urban zone or;
  • Pathway 2 – all other locations

Outbuildings, sheds and similar works


Other Development (units, commercial, retail)

How do I obtain further assistance?

Some applications for planning permits under the BMO are generally referred to the CFA for advice.  As such, you may wish to contact the Gippsland Regional Office of the CFA on (03) 5149 1000 to discuss your proposal.

It is noted that the Fire Protection Association Australia website has a list of accredited bushfire consultants. Other local consultants/specialists (e.g. planning consultants, private building surveyors) will also be able to assist you.

Further detailed information and guidance about BMO requirements is located on the CFA and DELWP websites. Information on associated BMO clauses are located in the Wellington Planning Scheme

Further queries can also be directed to Council's Planning Facilitator on 1300 366 244.


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