Planning Permits

Our Planning Department plays a vital role in managing land use and development within the municipality. Under the Planning and Environmental Act, we are responsible for ensuring that land is used and developed in an environmentally, economically and socially responsible way that provides a sustainable future for the community.

A planning permit is required for many developments, or often when changing the predominant use of a parcel of land.

A planning permit should not be confused with a building permit. Building permits are issued under Victorian Building Regulations and generally relate only to the construction aspects of a building and not the use of the land involved. See our Building section for further information on building permits.

Any proposed development should be discussed with our Planning Facilitator prior to proceeding.  This is in order to determine whether a permit is required and if so, how to meet the requirements of the Wellington Planning Scheme. Phone 1300 366 244 for an initial consultation and to make an appointment if (deemed) necessary, or see the Applying for a Planning Permit webpage for further information.

Permit application fees are payable with the submission of your application. Advice regarding the cost of your permit will be provided by our Planning Facilitator and can also be found on our Planning Fees webpage.

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