Planning Permits

A planning permit allows the undertaking of a particular use or development (subdivision, buildings and works) to proceed on a specific piece of land. It is subject to a time limit for commencement and may expire under specified circumstances. Planning Permits may be subject to certain conditions.

It is important not to confuse planning permits with building permits. Building permits relate to the method of construction of a building or development. If you have a planning permit you will often still need to obtain a building permit from a private building surveyor. See our Building section for further information on building permits.

Depending on the provisions of the planning scheme affecting your land (zones and overlays), a planning permit may (or may not) be needed. Some forms of use or development may also be prohibited. It is important, therefore, that you check planning permit requirements with Council.

The Planning team can be contacted by calling 1300 366 244 or via email to


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