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Roadside Management

We are responsible for the management of large amounts of land that forms our roadsides and road reserves. Our responsibilities include:

  • The provision of a safe and efficient road network
  • Management of invasive plants and animals to reduce their impact on our environment
  • Maintaining attractive appearances of our townships
  • To conserve our native and biologically significant vegetation
  • To help minimise the potential spread of fires on and from our roads


Roadside Maintenance

Each year we undertake an extensive roadside slashing program across Wellington Shire to assist in maintaining a safe and efficient road network. Our slashing program is planned as the spring and summer season progresses, to ensure that works are carried out at the best possible time for them to be effective. 

With a road network in excess of 3,100km, roadside slashing needs to be planned and prioritised. Our Road Management Plan and operational procedures guide how these works are undertaken. Council’s resources for roadside slashing are generally directed towards higher traffic sealed roads and intersections, whereas gravel road verges are generally maintained with grading.


Roadside Fire Mitigation Program – Roadside Slashing

We conduct an annual roadside treatment program to reduce fuel loads on designated roads which may assist in mitigating the risks associated with fire. Our program is determined by criteria set out by the Country Fire Authority (CFA) roadside management guidelines. 

The Wellington Shire Council Municipal Fire Management Planning Committee (MFMPC) has developed and maintains a list of designated strategic, secondary and minor roads that require vegetation treatments to fulfil Council’s responsibility under the CFA Act. 

This list includes a total of approximately 200km of roads within Wellington Shire and has been maintained for the past ten years. It is currently under review.

Our work includes substantial fuel reduction, usually by slashing, within the road reserve in the case of the identified strategic roads.

Visit our Fire page for more information on Fire Planning and Prevention in Wellington Shire.


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