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Built Environment

Wellington Shire Council is the third largest municipality in Victoria, covering an area of 10,924 square kilometres. This vast area therefore means that we are responsible for the management of a large number of community assets and infrastructure.

Key asset areas include road network assets and related infrastructure, footpath network assets, urban drainage infrastructure, parks and reserves, open space, buildings and facilities.

As stated in our Built and Environment Strategy, our vision is ‘For Wellington Shire to have a built environment that is sustainable, appropriate, accessible and responsive to the community’.

At present, we are responsible for:

  • 3,078 km sealed and unsealed roads
  • 146 concrete bridges
  • 27 timber bridges
  • 247 km footpaths
  • 38 toilet blocks 
  • 598 ha of sports fields, parks and streetscapes
  • 59 playgrounds
  • 56 recreation reserves
  • 45,000 street and park trees
  • 2 Aerodromes
  • 6 Libraries
  • 6 Swimming Pools


In addition, we are responsible for the construction, maintenance and renewal of all municipal roads, footpaths and urban drainage networks which serve our shire. The condition of these assets is regularly assessed to determine the need for maintenance and renewal works.


Roads and Streets

Works are regularly carried out to maintain roads and streets according to our Road Management Plan. Renewal and improvement works are programmed and delivered as part of Council’s Capital Works Program. These works are funded by Rates, State and Federal Grants, and where applicable via contributions from benefiting residents in line with Council’s Special Charge Scheme Policy.

VicRoads undertake maintenance and construction works for all highways and arterial roads which carry a large volume of commercial and tourist traffic through the area.



Council is responsible for the legal point of entry: the drain connection at the point where stormwater from your property reaches the gutter. Drainage pits, lids and grates are also our responsibility and are routinely programmed for clearance and maintenance throughout the year.


Footpaths and Kerbs

Footpaths and kerbs are assessed and maintained by us according to our Road Management Plan.


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