Post Fire Building Information

Bushfire - Post Fire Planning & Building Processes

If structures on your property have been affected by bushfire, the following information may assist you in the re-establishment of damaged or destroyed structures such as houses, sheds and other outbuildings, swimming pools and spas. We can give you individual advice about your property and what you need to do.


Building Permits
If structures at your property are affected by bushfire you will be required to obtain a building permit to re-build prior to commencing work.


House Plans
Council keeps copies of building permits and plans. Should you require copies of past permits or plans for insurance or other purposes, please complete a Building Permit Request Form (120KB). Wellington Shire Council is currently waiving fees for bushfire affected properties.


Planning Permits
If your dwelling and/or outbuilding(s) are affected by bushfire, you may need a planning permit prior to the issuing of a building permit. Wellington Shire Council is the authority that issues planning permits. We are currently waiving planning permit application fees for re-establishment of dwellings/outbuildings affected by recent bushfire events.


Septic Tank Systems
Some septic tank systems may have been damaged as a result of bushfire. A septic tank permit will need to be obtained to replace, repair or alter any damaged system. Wellington Shire Council’s Environmental Health Officers are able to provide advice to landholders regarding their septic tank systems.


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