The Wellington Shire Council Municipal Building Department is committed to ensuring that the amenity and safety of the community is maintained when using buildings and places of public entertainment.

The Wellington Shire Council does not issue Building Permits. For a list of private Building Surveyors who can issue a Building Permits please see the Building Surveyors page. We primarily provide a statutory building service.

Our Building Services team ensures that our responsibilities under the Building Act and Regulations are fulfilled. This includes recording all building permits issued within the municipality, providing property information to building practitioners, solicitors and conveyancers.

Our Municipal Building Surveyor deals with outstanding permits, investigates breaches to building legislation, assesses applications for report and consent and heritage demolition, undertakes Essential Safety measures and swimming pool inspections and provides advice.


Dial Before You Dig

The community is supported by many underground lines, cables and substations. These include gas, electricity, water and telecommunications. Before you dig, it is vital to find out the location of these underground assets. If you don’t, and you cause damage to these resources, you could incur financial loss. Worse still, it could result in serious injury or death.

Melbourne One Call provides information on the location of underground assets. This service is free, so always Dial Before You Dig.

Melbourne One Call
Telephone: 1100


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